Cambridge vs Duke (Undergrad)

  1. Hey WSO! Hoping for some advice on choosing between two great options for undergrad, and would like to hear your thoughts/advice.

At Duke I'd double major in stat & econ, maybe with a minor in philosophy or history. At Cambridge, I've been accepted to read economics at Trinity College. I want to get an MBA in Cambridge, MA and end up working in the USA (I'm a US citizen), but I'd consider working in London or Singapore for a few years before returning to the US for my MBA.

Trinity College, Cambridge:
Time/Cost (About $100k cheaper than Cambridge, because it's 1 year shorter + cheaper per annum; or I could get a master's in four years and still save $50k)
Supervision system offers unparalleled intimate teaching
College system offers a tight social life
International exposure would be good for personal growth
Better overall brand

Potential culture shock
Excessively predetermined course load: I still want to learn more from other subjects
Short terms means less time for extracurricular activities/bonding with friends
Grading being based purely on final exams

Duke University:
Flexible academics; meaning I can take CS/math courses (Necessary for jobs/PhD preparation) or random courses (Just for fun)
Probably has a better alumni network in the USA specifically
Similar to above point: May be better for finance recruiting into NYC offices

Cost (See above)
Not a big fan of the social scene (Excessive drinking/Greek life)

I'd be especially interested to hear from current Duke students on the social life aspects, and from anyone in the finance industry on how recruiting/job outcomes would compare from the two schools.

All advice is greatly appreciated!

Most Helpful

I go to a Duke/Georgetown/UVA and can only say I would never turn down the #1 university in the world for any of those three.

The alumni network and doors that name will open for you are great, and will hold far more weight when you apply to MBA business schools">M7 MBA's down the line (assuming good grades and good job placement, which you can do no prob from Cbridge).

You'll meet a way more diverse pool of people at Cambridge on a different scale of passion/intellect and will learn a lot being abroad. It'll be good for you.

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