Canada vs Europe for opportunities - need advice

I am a high school student that needs to choose where to go for university. I am having a difficult time choosing between the following options:

Econ at University of Toronto (Canada)

Econ at Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands (I don't speak dutch))

Econ at University of Nottingham (UK)

Which of these options do you think would give me the most opportunities? I have an EU passport so going to the Netherlands would be quite cheap and I wouldn't have any visa problems during or after my studies. It seems like UofT has a very strong international brand/reputation, however, I've also heard that Canada doesn't provide many opportunities in finance or consulting. Finally, the UK has a lot of opportunities, but U of Nottingham ranks below the other options.

Interested in hearing your thoughts! Thanks!


The age old advice is, where do you want to live/work? 
Toronto has the majority of the consultancy/finance jobs, and I'd guess has more than the Netherlands, especially considering you don't speak Dutch (but I do not think this should discourage you). However the Netherlands also is extremely expensive (especially Rotterdam), and, has severe housing problems especially for students. 

That being said, I'm not sure how a non-Rotman degree fares in Toronto. 

Nottingham is probably mid-tier, past that I am unfamiliar. 



Would def take an EU opportunity over Canada. Canada has an influx of immigration unseen in years, gen conditions of the country have plummeted under Trudeau and they’re losing a lot of their basic rights. High taxes like EU for sure but comp and bonuses are way less. Toronto has the highest number of unemployed CFAs just something to think about. I would study in the EU, lateral to Canada/US if you wanna travel decide from there. Way easier to go EU-NA than rev. Good luck!


Hi, thank you for your response! I think I will stick with the EU not just because of the cheaper tuition, but also because as you said, I think it might keep more options open. 


To add on, Canada has a major housing shortage (everyone not just students) too and rents are way too expensive rn. This is more in Toronto than other areas if you’re set on Canada try one of the coasts. But would def recd getting an EU job as it’s basically impossible for non-EU to work there. And keep your options open to lateral here.


Canadian here, even Rotman commerce at UofT is dogwater for finance recruiting, cant imagine econ being better. Go for Europe unless you are planning to transfer to Ivey

Most Helpful

I have worked and lived in Canada, UK and the US. My current role is in Toronto and I am trying to leave (please send help).

1) Canada has an unimaginable amount of people coming in. There are huge problems with housing, jobs, and any other resource you might need. Even down to spots at the local nursery.

2) Income in The6 is poor. Honestly, it's much worse than what people tell you due to taxation, CoL, and massive competition. You will also earn CAD, not USD or GBP. Even EUR is better. Products and services you may need are most expensive.

3) Canada as a country is beautiful and vast, but you won't have that much time or money to see all of it.

4) So many more professional opportunities in London or Europe. Like, huge amounts more than in Toronto.

If you are single and a man - more choices in Europe, by far. I wouldn't even look at dating in Toronto.

there are also many videos on youtube about the problem in living/working in Toronto. Professionals like me are struggling.

What are the advantages of working/living in Canada?

1) Quick route to PR and Canadian citizenship. This would eventually allow you to live and work in the US on the TN visa. Salaries in the US are *much* higher than in Canada.

2) Close to travel spots in Middle/South America, if that is something you like. Also not that far to EU if on the East coast.

3) It is an interesting culture in Canada - North American when it comes to roads/infrastructure, houses (even though nobody can afford them), while, at the same time, it is still fairly British. I met a ton of EU/UK expats here and it is a fun place to live in.


Hi, thank you so much for your response, it is very insightful and has really helped me understand the situation a lot better. I think I will end up sticking to Europe based on your comments. 

Best of luck with your future endeavors and I hope you manage to make the changes you want!


Currently at a start-up in UK and did my undergrad in the US. Contemplating about moving to US/Canada through operator -> (MBA) -> VC. Not sure if the vc scene is better in Canada than US/Europe for internationals comp/deal/immigration-wise.


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