Choice of Master's degree - HEC worth it?

Hi all, I was recently accepted to HEC's MiM and am expecting to be accepted to the SIM-HSG.

I am however not sure which one I should accept. The HEC will represent a significant financial commitment. 

I also have a target undergrad.

My goal would be consulting/banking in Zurich, but I'd be open to a stint in London or the ME.

Any insights?


Congrats on MiM! HEC's MiM is the top programme, so I would not worry too much over it. I think if you want to work in Zurich, the SIM is actually better. HSG is unmatched in DACH, but I would also consider if the MiM 2-3 year option is good for you - do you think you could break in with only the 1-1.5 years offered by HSG? HSG is also strong in consulting, more so than HEC I would say.

Also, feel free to share your stats - I am applying to similar and would like to know


Not gonna give too much info, but target undergrad with an okay grade, good GMAT, strong extracurricular, exchange on another continent, and a strat internship

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It really comes down to your personal preferences.

A major difference is the size. HSG SIM is much smaller than HEC MiM. Upside: close-knit cohort. Downside: you have less freedom in choosing your friends lol

Also, you might want to take recruiting into consideration. If you are interested in working in Switzerland, going to HEC instead of HSG would be madness. You would miss out on so many recruiting opportunities and it might be very difficult to find a job.

Edit: I have friends in both programs.


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