Choosing right uni for undergrad

Hello, I hope this is the right forum section to post this. I recently graduated from an Austrian high school and because I attained the max grades in our school leaving exams (1,0 in the Austrian Matura) I have a couple choices. My goal would be to get into IB. These are my options:
UK: So far I've received an offer from Warwick, waiting to hear back from UCL and LSE, and got rejected from Cambridge. Pro of going to LSE/UCL/WW would be that it's much easier to get spring weeks from there and other good internships in London. The con would be the very high cost since I'm an intl student (almost 30k pounds per year just for tuition, my parents will need to get a loan, which we might have to secure with our house)
US: I'm gonna apply to some targets but I don't think my chances are looking great since I'm intl, need aid and have decent ECs but nothing stunning, also I am not a great essay writer
Continental Europe: Here, since my mother tongue is German, I basically have 3 options which are target for IB: WHU/HSG/Mannheim.

  • For WHU I'd have to pay 9k a year (expensive for a German uni), but apparantly great alumni network and some even get into London IB and get spring weeks there. However the school is more consulting focused from what I've heard and I wonder if I'm not better off saving the money for a really good masters if I'm gonna do undergrad in Germany. Also I'd have to study international business since they don't have econ at WHU, but I'd prefer Econ by far. Also Vallender is basically a village, which is another con to me.
  • St. Gallen: Just like WHU I'd have to pay student fees (though it's CHF 1,229 per semester here, which is a bit cheaper, but also HCOL so probably just as expensive as WHU) and HSG has good placement into IB for German standards. Here there is an Econ program, but it's really not that well ranked as its business program, but I'm not sure how much this matters.
  • Mannheim: Here I'd have to pay basically nothing and cost of living is very low. This would be easiliy affordable for my family and their Econ program is better than HSG. It's supposedly a target, but some claim it doesn't do as well as WHU/HSG in IB. The network also isn't nearly as strong as the one at WHU for example. Not a great city either but better than Vallendar or St. Gallen and close to Frankfurt. Due to the good affordability I could still get a masters if I don't manage to get into IB out of undergrad.

Out of these options which do you think would be my best bet for getting into IB? I think UK allows me the greatest odds out of UG, but my concern is not landing a IB role and having to pay back a big loan and not being able to afford a masters that would give a me another shot at it. In Germany I'm mostly concerned about not getting in at all, since it seems that IB in Frankfurt is even more competitive than London since there are so few spots.


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