Considering Wharton ($$$) vs. Kenan-Flagler ($) (undergrad)

Hello, I'm a rising high school senior in NC who's just starting to apply to colleges. I intend to major in finance or business administration. I have competitive stats for Wharton and I'd like to apply ED, meaning I would have to commit regardless of my given financial aid package. My EFC is $60k and I have a friend going in the fall with a similar family income, paying around the same amount. My parents will chip in $30k a year, meaning I would probably be taking on another $30k in loans per year.

However, $30k a year is enough to completely cover the in-state cost of UNC, and then some for better housing and/or fraternity dues. I know KF is a good business school, but I'm worried it would limit my job options after graduation, because from my understanding it isn't quite as prestigious as a T20. 

Would it be worth possibly accruing $120k+ in student loans to have the prestige of Penn? A commenter on an older thread comparing these two schools said that if you go to Wharton you won't need an MBA, but that was also a decade ago, so times might have changed. Any insight would be appreciated!

Watch me post this and not get into Wharton


You can break out of ed if they don't meet your financial needs. UNC is still a target, you'd save ~300k, and you can graduate in 2-3 years if you have ap/clep/community college credit. 


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