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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking on what would be the best strategy to end in Asset Management role. I'm a foreign 3rd-year consultant in a Pharma Management Consulting Firm and I'm going through an MBA Program as from next year (Aiming for M7, could be M-15 or LBS). I don't have finance experience so I would like to know how feasible would be to land an AM job right out of the MBA. If the chances are low, I want to know which is the best path to follow (ER -> AM?). 

I'm really motivated in starting a finance career post-MBA but I don't feel I could bear with the stress levels from IB (I can totally tolerate 60-70hs weeks with some exceptional busy ones, but 80-100h average weeks is too much); and I also enjoy doing more analytic work rather than relationship/commercial. That's why I thought that an AM career is more suitable for me, but I'm aware that there are few spots and the competition is tough.

I feel that I'm a smart and motivated person, but I'm aware that I don't seem like a great candidate - so you can be completely honest :)


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IllumiNation, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I was in ER and then AM pre-MBA and have my CFA designation. I'm not going to say it's impossible, but neither ER nor AM are likely outcomes if you don't have at least some finance experience (and preferably investing) before business school. Neither have very well established MBA recruiting paths, so you'll likely just need to do your own recruiting - again, this could work out, but is a pretty long shot. For some context, I think my MBA program placed ~2 people in any sort of investment role in my graduating year.

That said, if you want to do something in the investing world, I would sign up for the CFA exams ASAP and be able to show progress in the program. Beyond that, I'd be involved in all the investing clubs and stock pitch events during business school. I'd also do a lot of networking before and during business school.

As an aside, IB would not be a great path toward AM either - it's just a very different skillset.

Cons2Fin, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thanks! I understand that the CFA requires several months of intense study and this year I'm working on my gmat and admissions, so I might give it a shot during early next year. I have 2 follow-up questions:

1 - Given that AM/ER are unlikely and that I'm not sure I can tolerate the 80-100h weeks from IB - is there a post-mba finance career path you would reommend to someone with my background? 

2 - Which are the target schools to increase the chances of landing into these roles?

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Don't forget Corp Dev or IR also, two very respectable careers in their own right.

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IllumiNation, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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