Consulting -> Peace Corps -> MBA???

I have been working in management consulting for just over a year now, but looking to explore other directions. Right now, I am considering applying to the Peace Corps. I am comfortable with the 27 month commitment and think it aligns with my interests as I would like to move over into more international development focused roles.

I wanted to reach out to see if anyone had meaningful experience or insight on how this would potentially impact MBA applications upon return or insight into how this transition would be viewed by potential employers. For added context, I graduated a T10 undergrad school with a double major in CS and a Social Science with essentially a ~4.0. Been working in consulting in strategy consulting for about 14 months now with all clients in the F500 (1 promotion since beginning). Confident I could get a 700+. Would be aiming for M7. Thanks. Appreciate any feedback, advice, or commentary!

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BoutiqueAsc, what's your opinion? Comment below:

There probably are like zero data points for this tbh but if you want to go on an adventure while you're young and you really think long and hard about it, I think there are a lot of people who regret not doing things like that.I did the military and almost didn't but in retrospect was the best thing I did in my whole life. Now that being said, you should think about it for at least 6-8 months before doing this and like you are, plan a bunch. Go on LinkedIn and try to find people who were in the peace corps and went to business.

Dancing Bear, what's your opinion? Comment below:

+1. I cant imagine that there is a lot of data on this.

At the end of the day B-Schools want a range of experiences and the more unique the better. I'm sure peace corps will be something that sets you apart from other candidates.

An added point (and not trying to make this a political discussion),a lot of B-School apps these days have a number DEI focused questions. I'm certain working in the peace corps would give you a lot of experiences to draw on that allow you to answer those questions in an authentic manner compared to others applying.

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Hazelmom, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You success in international development roles will have more to do with b-school than any time you spend digging wells with the impoverished.  Peace Corps work is noble, but consists of unskilled labor in a highly inefficient bureaucracy. It is unlikely that is a good fit based upon your background. 

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Lima Papa, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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