Do I even have a chance?

Hi guys
I read the forum and noticed that here people exchange experiences of admission to the best universities around the world. I wanted to ask your opinion on my situation. I live in Russia and am graduating from a bachelor's degree in management in a year, and in order not to go to war, I want to go to a master's program for 1-2 years. I study at one of the best universities in the Russian Federation (HSE), in my first year I worked in a venture fund, and then I completed an internship at BCG, after 1.5 years I been working in a pe fund and now I manage the cvc fund of one of the largest tmt companies in the Russian Federation. But there is a problem, I have been to university 20 times during all my education and my gpa is 6/10. I wanted to ask if gpa is very important for admission and which universities look more at cv and not gmat and gpa?

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Are you looking to study in the US or Europe?

Also, what is 6/10? Tried Googling, but different websites show different results.Системаоцениваниязнаний says that 6/10 roughly translates to 2.33 on the American scale, is this accurate?

Is the goal to just getting out of the country, or building a solid career in a European market? Either way, unfortunately, no good university is going to disregard your GPA and just focus on the other things. However, if you have an amazing GMAT, stellar work exp (which, by the looks of things you do) and solid references you should have a shot. I'm looking to apply this fall in Europe & Canada, studying for the gmat atm и знаю русский, so feel free to message me with any questions!


Good afternoon,
thank you for the answers! to cover the above topic about the gpa, I have a B at the university school (I raised it after the last exams). In general, I would not like to build a career in Europe or North America, because in my opinion there are too few opportunities and money there (I will immediately clarify this point in order to avoid disputes, there are not so many qualified specialists in the field of finance in the CIS countries, so in 20-25 you can safely become a vp/md of a good structure and get the same salary as in the USA / Europe, but have a much higher purchasing power). 
In general, I studied this topic and decided to give up the Russian passport and get a passport of Uzbekistan, and continue working in Russia, but as a foreign citizen to avoid mogilization)))


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