Drexel University? 2022 - IB Placement

What are your thoughts on Drexel University in Philadelphia?

I am looking to commit there for a D1 sports team. Honestly, academically I could probably get into a "better" school, but I was offered a full ride for sports and I like that it is in the heart of a city and has a co-op program.

I did some research.. some recent grads/current UGs have interned / are working at top IBs. I saw GS, JP, MS, Blair, Lazard, Raymond James.. to name a few from my LinkedIn searching.

Looks like they are getting placement into IB even though that is not their bread and butter. 

What are your thoughts on the school / will I turn out fine attending? Do I go to a more "academic" school and pay sticker value or take the full ride?

From what I can tell, solid school who has recently seen some breakthrough on Wall Street. Am I wrong?

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