Dual Degree Options w/ Finance

Hi all,

I am a freshman at UConn currently pursuing a dual degree in Finance and Applied Math, however I'm having second thoughts about the Applied Math major. I had enough credits coming in where unless I pursued a dual degree or minor, I would have a hard time stretching my education across four years, which is something that was important to me.

In an ideal world, I would have liked to do a dual in CS, but it is really isn't feasible with Finance, and only with a major like Math. I'm considering changing my second major to Data Science, since while I really like math, it can be pretty hard/time consuming, and at the end of the day, my GPA/Networking is what is going to get me places. I'm worried that any dual I choose will only be useful if I go to grad school, which as of now, is not something I want to do (besides an MBA). Would it be worth it to drop my Applied Math major down to a minor, or to change it to a Data Analytics degree? 

I want to make sure I'm finding a good balance of having a schedule that pushes me but still allows me to have time to enjoy my time in college take care of my other academic/career responsibilities like clubs/networking/etc. 

Just to note, if I had the money to attend grad school, I would instead use that money to transfer out of UConn into one of the schools I got into during the initial application process (BC, Georgetown, Notre Dame), where I could just take what my finance degree at a more prestigious university brings me.

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