EBs most open to MBA Associates

Hi all - current M7 MBA associate who's secured a summer offer at a top BB NY office. After some research, I think I may be more interested in going the boutique route, and am potentially interested in re-recruiting FT down the line if the opportunity opens up. Can anyone provide some insight into which EBs tend to be most open to MBA associates?

Anecdotally seen fair number of MBA associates at Evercore, Greenhill, Lazard, and PJT (note RSSG especially has a lot of MBA associates). CVP and PWP tend to have fewer MBA associates.

Evercore, since we are hemorrhaging analysts and need to settle for post-mba associates.

I would think this move through a bit. Could be a hell of a lot easier to take the return offer, assuming you get it, and try to lateral in a year or two.

If you do recruit, be prepared to answer the question “why aren’t you going back to XYZ?”. Recruiters are going to assume you didn’t get the offer, so just be ready for that.

Not saying it can’t be done or even suggesting one way or the other, just keep in mind the story you’ll have to tell if you recruit in 2Y.

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I've made this exact move and can confirm it's doable at most EBs, minus CVP/PJT + PWP like the other user said. The good news for you is that EBs tend to have higher standards and are less willing to give return offers to mediocre summer associates. That creates space for BB interns to lateral in that 2-3 week time frame after internship. 

Did you network at all with EBs during your fall recruiting? Send update emails to those you had good rapport with. Let them know you'll be interning at BB X bank and would like to stay in touch.

P.S. Obvious, but don't tell a single classmate that you're thinking about this. MBA students love to gossip and may be jealous (even if they're nice to your face). 

"MBA students love to gossip and may be jealous (even if they're nice to your face)" - a lot of sh*t talking other candidates amongst those who recruit finance (everyone didn't partake in it but a good chunk where it was noticeable). Sure some of it exists in consulting but this was surprisingly very prevalent at my top program.

Does CVP really recruit anywhere other than CBS? I've never heard of them doing OCR at any other MBA programs.

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