Hi! I am a Chinese who is deciding to pursue a master's degree in mainland Europe (France or Germany maybe). My career goal after graduation is to do IBD M&A or PE directly. I will start the study of French or German after my final decision about a master's is made. My question is, as a Chinese, ESSEC/ESCP GE (MiM) or FSFM MOF, which program will be better? It seems not possible to be native in French or German soon as I get there, but maybe I can improve my language in Europe?
Considering my first priority goal is IBD M&A or PE, my second goal is to work in London. I was told that FSFM MOF is not possible to get a great job in London, so maybe France B-School is better?
PS: Bocconi is great uni but it cannot provide enough time for me to do as much as internships as I can, and it is believed that many internships are the keys to success for a Chinese.

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