Exchange University - Am I fucked?

Hi guys!

I decided to go on an exchange to an Australian university which isn’t, particularly, the best ranked one in the country. I feel doubtful about my choice because I could have chosen better options like University of Melbourne, Sciences Po, University of Amsterdam, University of Zurich, University of Bristol.
The point is that I chose Australia because it was the most affordable destination for me.
I could have waited 6 months for applying to University of Melbourne, but, as I’m in my last year of university, going there would have resulted in delaying my graduation an extra semester.
Given my situation, I thought that it will look better on my CV to have gone on an exchange to a low-ranked uni than not going anywhere at all. Another thing is that I’ll be taking courses that truly interest me during my exchange and that the city in which the university is located really attracts me (a lot more than Melbourne, where I’m not going to).

I will be a career switcher and my long term goal is to do an MBA in the US and get a job in IB. Now I’m afraid that this decision will tear me apart from being selected at a top program because of the presence of a low ranked exchange uni in my CV.
(Maybe is relevant to mention that I’ll be graduating with upper second class honors)

Do you think that this decision will affect me and my future plans significantly?

Chill, man. These exchange semesters are a "tick the box"-item (at least here in Europe), nothing else. Nobody will give a fuck about the ranking (and neither should you). When I think about my exchange semester I don’t remember any of the courses we had or whatever we were taught academically, only a great time travelling, partying an generally enjoying life. You should do the same ;)

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As already mentioned, relax. Most people know or estimate that the Programmes for exchange students are easier than the ones for regular students and that the grades are „gifted", no matter if they really are. Take your time off, meet new people, party and explore the country. It's an experience that you will never forget.No one ever asked me about my exchange university decision. Further, you have something interesting to talk about when you're not going to one of the most common places.

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