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I am a third-year undergrad who goes to a non-target school.

I had good grades in high school and took APs, but did not have good enough SAT score to get into a top business school so I went to a ~10-15th best public business school.

In college I prioritized internships over school and have been trading at a HF which has caused my gpa to dip into lower 3s.

I am interning at a BB and want to get my MBA one day, but don't know where to start. I know I should just focus on getting a return offer this summer, but I always feel like I am not doing enough.

Knowing I have a lower GPA and go to a non-target school, are there any tips or tricks to getting into a top MBA program? I know Wharton or HBS is out of question, but what about Stanford, UChicago, or lower level ivy?

Is the only thing I can do perform super well on the GMAT exam? Would love to hear if anyone has had a similar path and how it worked out for you. Thanks.

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Also when should someone start studying for the GMAT exam?

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BichaelMurry, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You don't have to rush to take it as you will the score instantly after test day and the score will only expire in 5 years.

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Don't take the GMAT until any earlier than spring of senior year. If you want to study through senior year fine, but the score does expire and you want to maximize it.

Stanford is probably out too but lower M7 or T15 are achievable. Also, you should be doing your absolute best on your GPA right now - if you work hard the next year you may be able to bring it to 3.5 range.

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