Houston Banking from California School?

Currently a sophomore at a California school. Strong presence in west coast offices, limited placement outside of west coast. Have never see anyone from the past 3 years place into Houston, but may be self selection.

Am curious how difficult it would be to recruit for Houston offices and if anyone had insight into how the process differs from west coast processes, as well as how much specialized knowledge is expected for SA processes, particularly considering I don't go to school in Texas.

Would also be curious as to who the top players are currently, or any resources to learn about O&G banking.

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MikeHoncho2, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Recruited to Houston from the East coast, didn't have much trouble networking with anyone from the O&G group. Expressing an interest in the industry I think is definitely key and your why O&G is also important, I had a couple of projects I did in/out of school I spoke on related to the space. My SA process didn't include anything outside the norm from a technical side but could be different at other places, and I recruited the normal SA process but just had O&G/Houston as my group/location preference.

For resources check out Mergers and Inquisitions, they have an industry overview guide as well as a article on accounting/modeling differences in O&G.

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Thanks for this. Could you speak a bit more about the timeline? When do the first banks kick off and what did the interview timeline look like for you?

MikeHoncho2, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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