How much of Post-MBA compensation do you receive post Tax

Recent compensation reports of top B Schools indicate that the total compensation and bonuses have increased and seems to be around 165,000 USD, but how much of this ends up in ones hands? (Post Tax, any other cuts), I am obviously not from the US, so trying to get a better feel of how much one actually ends up receiving. At absolute levels, US salaries seem super high and to be honest, I maybe having some grass is greener mentality. (I do understand US pays the highest salary levels, but how much actually ends up on ones hands, given tax, etc.) Even the Sign-in bonuses are taxed right? 

Can someone take a loan for the full cost of attention and land a consulting job Post MBA, pay off the 200,000+ loans within 4-5 years? I understand there are a lot of variables, but what is like a good ball park timeline for those paying back loans? another factor is of course visa time in US is also limited for internationals, tricky question overall.

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arbjunkie, what's your opinion? Comment below:

you can check what the tax will be in different cities using this site.

everything gets taxed

generally you are going to pay 30-40% tax so at 200k you will end up with 120k

I took 170k of loans for M7, and I'm prioritizing stock market savings over paying back loans, but i probably could have paid back 50k of loans in the 6 months since starting consulting. I think full payback in 4 years would be possible if you put all your money into the loans

Dimonfan, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thank you for the insight!

Is it generally the case to see top school students with no major savings take almost 90% of the cost of tuition + living costs for the mba? Or most have the majority in saved cash already?

Dimonfan, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thank you!

Quick follow up question, 40k cash seems like you have done quite a bit of saving before school. Are there people who fund the full cost of tuition and living costs out of loans as well? (Say around 230k in loans)

Is this normal, especially amongst internationals.

Dimonfan, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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