How to build a solid CV during high school


I'm a European high school student dreaming about getting a job in finance. My passion is value investing, I dream of working on the buy side in the future. However, I would first need to gain appropriate experience in investment banking. What actions can I take now as a high school student to build a solid resume that would make it easier for me to land a spring week offer? I probably won't be able to afford Oxbridge, so I'll go to one of the better universities in continental Europe (like RSM or HSG).

Thanks in advance.


Crafting a standout CV as a high school student with aspirations in finance, particularly on the buy side, involves a strategic approach to building relevant experiences and skills. Here are several steps you can take to strengthen your resume for future spring week applications and beyond:

  1. Academic Excellence: Maintain a strong GPA. Excelling academically demonstrates your work ethic and intelligence, crucial traits in finance. While attending a top university like RSM or HSG is beneficial, your performance matters significantly.

  2. Finance-Related Courses: Enroll in finance, economics, or business-related courses if available. Online platforms offer courses from reputable institutions. This shows your early commitment to understanding the finance sector.

  3. Extracurricular Activities: Participate in finance or investment clubs at your school. If none exist, consider starting one. This initiative demonstrates leadership and a proactive approach to your interests.

  4. Competitions and Certifications: Engage in finance or business competitions. Also, look into obtaining certifications relevant to finance, such as the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification, even at a basic level.

  5. Internships and Work Experience: Seek internships or work experience related to finance. Small firms or local businesses may offer opportunities in their finance departments. Any experience is valuable.

  6. Networking: Start building your professional network early. Attend finance-related events, seminars, or webinars. Connect with professionals on LinkedIn, expressing your interest in finance and seeking advice.

  7. Personal Projects: If you're interested in value investing, consider managing a small personal investment portfolio or a virtual portfolio if actual investing isn't feasible. Document your strategies and learnings in a blog or on LinkedIn.

  8. Volunteer Work: Engage in volunteer work that can demonstrate your soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. These are as important as technical skills in finance.

  9. Language Skills: Being multilingual is a significant asset in global finance. Continue to hone your language skills, especially in English, and any other major business languages relevant to your region or interest.

  10. Stay Informed: Regularly follow financial news and trends. Being knowledgeable about the market demonstrates your genuine interest in finance.

Remember, the goal is to show a pattern of interest, commitment, and growth in finance. Each step you take builds a narrative of a dedicated individual preparing for a successful career in finance.

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