I have an offer from LSE - what should I do?

I've got a conditional offer for LSE's MSc in International Political Economy. I'm very inclined to reject the offer because from what I've read here, LSE usually isn't a big feeder for MBB/T2 consulting, and the program itself is not very good for a finance career.

What else can I do with a degree like this in business/finance? I'm very open to different career paths, so long as I end up doing interesting work in a corporate environment.

FWIW I've also applied to RSM, Cambridge and Imperial for management degrees; considering Oxford for a policy degree as well.


IPE is a pretty good course and I'd still be surprised if you didn't have some success with it. UK MBB has also changed drastically in terms of its recruiting - gone are the days of 90% Oxbridge, Imperial was the most represented institution for summers at McKinsey last year apparently. Yes, LSE will still disadvantage you compared to Oxbridge, but it's definitely possible with exceptional grades, good extracurricular and professional experiences, etc. Given the placement (or relatively surprising lackof) of LSE and Imperial Management, I'm not convinced that's a much better option. Cambridge might be slightly better and worth considering over IPE even if your academic interests are more aligned with that. 


Probably not as well in finance as MSc subjects seem to actually matter somewhat. But it's still LSE. LSE/Imperial management may place slightly better but I'd imagine you'll still get interest with IPE.

For something like law it will place relatively well, although LSE as an institution is surprisingly weak for law placements. For audit, it's LSE, it will almost certainly get you a job. What other industries were you thinking of?

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I'd take the LSE IPE offer if I were you.

For one, I think everyone here is splitting hairs when it comes to MBB consulting (if you look at Linkedin or the stats, LSE still globally places very highly). Likewise, high end consulting firms recruit heavily at LSE.

The degree you do matters less than you think; it's the soft skills you learn, a clear vision of what you want to do, and connections you make that will have the most value. A degree's subject only matters if you are trying to break into a niche role or boutique firm.

Also, LSE's IR departments still have strong placements in the business world.


My thinking exactly - LSE isn't exactly weak in IR, so I'd expect some solid placement in decent firms, but LinkedIn shows mixed results. The (very few) people in a solid IB after doing IPE had insane internships beforehand, while consultants at MBB were either extremely exceptional aside from their LSE degree, or they were located outside of the UK. 


If I could I would, issue is I got lazy and skipped the GMAT. Thought I'd get the GMAT exemption if I applied for it, but that didn't happen. I'm not sure if I should take a gap year and do the GMAT and apply to INSEAD/HEC/LBS.


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