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Hello Monkeys, I am currently getting ready to start my first semester of college. I will be attending a BIG 10 school. As a college student and want to be well rounded. I want to be a good student, focus on my health, network, and have a good social life. I did not get into the business school directly but I will be taking the same classes the business students will be. Of course my #1 goal going into my freshman year is to get into my business school, the average GPA of a student transferring within the school is a 3.75. I will make sure to grind and get myself a 4.0 my freshman year. Even though I did not get into the business school right away I will still be graduating in 4 years from all the college classes I took at my community college. Besides academics I want to make sure I get the full college experience. I really want to use these 4 years to be the most well rounded person I can possibly be and have a lot of fun. I plan on rushing a frat in the fall to expand my social circle. I also have been thinking about trying to join a business frat. My school does not have a real estate club. I am pretty interested in real estate and am thinking about creating a real estate club. Have industry professionals come in and talk, do mock interviews, have industry lessons, ect. I have always been extremely into lifting and health so I will continue with that but also make sure to play in my frats intramurals. Joining a business and social frat will help networking but since I will be attending a non-target I will have to grind that out. Basically I would love to learn some tips you guys have for me. Such as tips on how to get a 4.0. How should I structure real estate clubs such as what activities should me and this club do? Are there any internships I should be trying to gun for? Not IB or consulting but possibly WM, startup, or F500? Basically an internship any smart college freshman could get.  Do you have any time management tips? I know this is a lot but as someone who is about to enter college I am very excited but also want to make sure I use the time properly. What are some overall tips you could give me to accomplish these goals and some tips you would give to other college freshmen. I also just want to add I would love to travel abroad all next summer or even better get an internship in Europe. I don’t want to come off as a hardo I just really want to enjoy college the most I can. I just want to know the best ways to make the most out of college. Thank you all so much in advance!

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The first thing you want to do is sign up for as many credit cards as possible. This will allow you to maximize the power of leverage, which will be further compounded as interest rates start to come down in the next 18 months. Remember— you don't need to pay off the full credit card balance every month, just the minimum. The next thing you'll want to do is send a cold email to every alumni at your school in finance/real estate who graduated before 2006. These people will likely be in senior positions, so they will have the most influence to help you get a job at their firm.  No need to be overly formal- they already know you're smart, they just want to make sure you're cool. From there, you should join a fraternity, get kicked out, and then blame the whole ordeal on a progressive/feminist reawakening. This will be an important part of the "tell me about yourself" story you give during interviews. One last warning: be careful not to get too close to your friends. Never forget that you are always competing for a "spot" in some aspect of your life, and everybody is pretending to like you. Good luck and godspeed.


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