Incoming sophomore at a target school - So confused as to how to get started in this field.

Hi everyone, I'm an incoming sophomore at a target school for IB. I've had my eyes on investment banking since highschool, and now that the time is approaching I feel so lost. I'm doing everything I can to keep my grades up, my gpa is a 3.8 currently. However, in terms of finding internships and actual experience, I feel so behind. I don't know the slightest thing about financial models or evaluations or any of these other fancy terms people use on WSO. I'm just a kid who got into a good school and has a somewhat decent gpa. Do I need to excel at all this stuff prior to my first internship or firms hire interns with the expectation of them not knowing squat before they come in? And if they don't, how do I separate myself from the rest? Does the answer lie in just me obsessing over youtube videos that teach me how to do financial models/reports/etc? What are your guys' thoughts?


Same position, lets talk. Sophomore at Uchicago. PM me, I made a plan for myself you might find it useful. Maybe I can improve what I'm doing through what your doing too.


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