Lower MBA Dropout -> M7 MBA?

I am looking to apply to the M7 schools this upcoming year. For a bit of background, I am an international student and graduated from a target undergrad with a good GPA; have a 760 on the GMAT. I did 2 years out of undergrad as an IBD analyst in SF and 2 years at a PE fund in London. During my second year of IBD, I did ~10 months at a no-name MBA program (long story but mostly due to not having STEM OPT and wanted to complete the analyst contract and bank was on a hiring freeze for transfer). Decided to drop it after a year due to health complications w/ several fam members back home and was sure completing an MBA would most definitely put me out of the running for an M7 MBA program. I then decided to continue my career in London to be closer to home. My question is, applying to an M7 school, will that 10 month MBA work against me in the app, even tho I did drop it for family reasons, am planning to explain the same in my optional essays. My grades were good for those 10 months, so don't think it would be a performance issue when I submit an unofficial transcript. Have called up several admissions offices and all of them said it shouldn't be a problem, especially if I explain the personal circumstances, but don't know if they just said it to say it or if it's actually true lol. Would appreciate any thoughts!


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