Hi there, I am currently in a dilemma. Would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice.

Originally, I planned to go for the ESSEC (Singapore) Msc Finance, I thought it would be a reasonable choice given its decent reputation and close proximity to Hong Kong (I am from Hong Kong and planned to go back to work in the future also). However, I have just got an offer from the LSE A&F also, which puts me in tough decision, as LSE has a very strong name in Hong Kong. (I know its a no brainer if its LSE MSc Finance, but the accounting part seems to drag it down a bit)

My career plan is to look for equity research/Asset management/IBD openings in Hong Kong (would consider London also). Which program do you guys think suits my goal more?


Jesus dude, I literally don't care about how people perceive my programme because I got everything that I wanted, but you're literally hating on it randomly. Who tf knows ESSEC in Hong Kong lmao, and do you really believe he has a better shot in London with ESSEC than LSE? Wtf are you drunk? I know a guy from my undergrad that did ESSEC Mfin and holy shit he had a terrible GPA and a shit tier GMAT 


True ESSEC is not the best option out there. I am not an advocate of ESSEC as it is far from Paris and the only real school that is worth it in France is HEC (the rest for me is not worth it as the other schools are less international and if you don't speak French you are f****).

Only thing I am saying is that LSE is a great university but the LSE Msc in A&F is second tier compared to the Msc in Finance but still can be a great option if you don't make it into the first one.


LSE, even if second tier program it is still LSE, and still far above ESSEC's comparable programs


hi, i'm wondering if you'd be able to share you final decision. i'm a student from Taiwan and i have also received offers from lse af & essec mif (singapore) this year. it'd be great if you could share some insights/updates. Thank you!

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Hi, this is OP (my original account was accidentally deleted).

At last, I went for ESSEC since I didn’t meet the condition for LSE. I do concur that LSE has a slight edge in terms of reputation and “prestige”.

For the course structure and teaching quality, I could not say for LSE (though I have heard some negative opinions of it), but I had an above average experience in the ESSEC SG campus.

However, for networking, LSE has a clear edge in both LDN and HK.

With all that said, I believe the difference in both names are small for recruiting. I managed to get into final rounds of various BBs in HK (note that I have solid previous internship exp.). At the end of the day, interview performance is what matters after the preliminary screening.

Do note that it is very difficult to stay in SG as a foreigner, so I would recommend gunning for HK or LDN.

I hope this isn’t too late. Feel free to PM me to connect and discuss more.


Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing your insights and experiences. After careful consideration, I have decided to go for LSE. I think a part of me just wants to experience life in LDN badly, haha. Let's stay in touch and support each other. Best of luck at ESSEC!


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