Masters programmes after 1.5 years at Big 4 to break into MBB

Hi all,

I’m currently considering which masters programmes are best for me given my circumstances. I’m in a unique position where I feel as though I can still apply for pre-experience masters, and will have enough experience to apply for experienced masters.


23 yo

Graduated from a top 10 UK BSc Accounting & Finance course in 2021 with a 1st with Honours.

Have been working in Audit at big4 since. Only been on 2 clients, both huge names in the UK. Have 2 promotions (associate to senior associate after six months, then another year to become an assistant manager (my current role)).

I also have a half a year experience of working at a non-profit in my home country(writing political, economical and finance related articles), an internship at a well known hotel brand and really strong leadership experience at my university (won’t go into details to remain anonymous).

GMAT: got a 650 on a cold mock exam from the official mocks. Aiming for 730+ (Will take 2 weeks off work for this in August).

have already spoken with my Senior Manager and know that I will get a strong letter of recommendation from him. Confident I will get a good one from my uni prof too.

Question #1: Will I still be considered for the LSE, Oxford, HEC, ST Gallen, Bocconi and other top European business schools pre-experience masters in finance/management/FE programmes? Would I be considered a strong candidate?

For example LBS has a cut-off of 2 years after graduation, so I am no longer eligible for their MIM programme. However, the above B schools don’t publish any cutoffs of these sorts.

Question #2: Are experienced MFins (Judge, LBS, SDA Bocconi, etc) worth it?

Most of these are 2+ yrs of experience, meaning that I can l apply to these.

The eventual goal is to break into MBB btw.

Thank you!


AFAIK LBS is the only one that has that cut-off. That being said, I'm sure you could ask if they'd consider your application - its not 100% I don't think. 

Question 2 
Yes, but, SDA Bocconi certainly isn't comparable to the pre-experience ones you've listed. You could also consider MBAs - LBS, ESADE. 


Thank you!

Unfortunately, I have reached out to the LBS admissions team and they did confirm that for the LBS MFA and MIM masters a candidate would have to graduate less than/or two years before the programme start year (so for a programme starting in 2023, they would only consider graduates from 2021,22 & 23).

As a side note (just throwing it out there), they were very open to considering my application for the 2023 year, but I didn't have a GMAT to hand, and they couldn't really wait longer. All this is to say that it's possibly to get in after the official application deadlines have closed!

Re SDA - noted! Would you recommend LBS MFin instead? Not sure I would be considered for an MBA, given my lack of experience…


Without telling too much:

The usual to go from associate to senior associate is 1 year.

At my firm, the promotions typically happen every X month.I was supposed to start the programme 9 months before the promotion cycle, however this got pushed back by 3 due to Rona.Joined right before my clients busy season. This was a first year audit of a very large firm. Did well enough to get the promo early.

With regards to ACA: passed 10 exams so far.


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