Master’s selection


I am currently a third year bachelor’s student and I have just completed an internship at KPMG. I am currently considering to do 2-year’s master degree and I got these two offers:

  • Master’s in Management at ESCP (first year in london)
  • Master in Accounting and Finance in Bocconi

What do you think will give me the best opportunities? My goal is to work in investment banking.

Thank you so much for your help!


A master's in management is often considered in the UK (unsure about continental Europe) to be less of a learning and developmental experience than MSc Finance for example. Many employers and people (myself included) view a master's programme as an opportunity to specialise in one specific area. So a master's in management can be said to be Finance-lite. 

Personally, I know of people who have done a master's in management at some top schools such as HEC and have gotten in to IB as a result. However, I think if you do not have an offer for management in LBS or HEC, there is no point in doing one at all and it is simply a waste of money. One of the first questions an IB interviewer will ask you is: why didn't you do a master's finance if you want to work in banking? Hope this helps. 

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If you did your bachelors at any of these two then make sense to choose the different one for your masters. Both are good enough to get you interviews anywhere in Europe


FACTS. How did we move from the prestige and pedigree of higher education to shithole institutions that provide pay-to-win degrees for degenerates who want to major in luxury management


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