Currently trying to decide if I should go with INSEAD or LBS. Recieved offer at INSEAD, and awaiting final decision at LBS, where I have to take the decision ASAP if I get an acceptance due to fee deadlines. 

For me, there are a couple of considerations as of now

  1. I am not deadset on working in London - even though that would be nice, where I assume LBS is best for placement?
    • 1b. If not London - what other countries can a person that only speaks native + english work in?
    • 1c. I want to do MBB - where in my home country, I would say there is a 90% of getting at least to the IV stage with LBS/INSEAD - how would that look in London given that UK mostly recruits straight after UG and Oxbridge is a huge feeder?
  2. Long-term, I would like to enter VC. How would these school´s alumni network/brand name open those doors? (I do know INSEAD´s MiM network is substantially smaller
  3. Living in London VS living in Fontainebleu + Singapore for 6 motnhs - anyone who has experienced all?
  4. Can I expect any differences in the type of persons going to the different schools? Nationality-wise, seems to be quite similar, and my assmption would be that the ppl per se is also quite similar
  5. Have I missed anything else that WSO thinks is important to consider?

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Boib21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

LBS by far. Insead is new and will not generate the same return :)

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  • Intern in PE - LBOs

As an LBS grad, I'd recommend LBS just because the network is probably more diverse and London is a big financial centre whereas the situation in Europe is harder to navigate, especially for foreigners. London is much more accepting than France in general. I do not agree with the statement that "Insead is new". At LBS you can also do a 4th term at Singapore as an exchange student so the travel element does not really apply. For VC, they're probably quite equal. It's a typical top business school so people around you will be largely obsessed with investment banking / consulting and PE as exit. There are plenty of people interested in VC and there are good opportunities for work experience, networking events etc but as an outsider to this circle, they seem like a minority. MBAs are often more interested in VC because they have contacts / money for a start-up. 

tl;dr - whatever you choose will be fine but i'd lean towards LBS due to geographical advantage & more diverse network.  

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THLLU, what's your opinion? Comment below:

So what was your reasoning behind your first answer then if you agree that INSEAD can still be a good program even though it is newer?

Boib21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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