MSc Finance Cranfield Vs Bayes (Cass) vs Queen Mary University

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well.
Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my question.

Cranfield course:…
Bayes course:…
Queen Mary:…

I have the choice of pursuing an MSc in finance from these three universities and I am confused about which one will be the best, as QS rankings and FT rankings are inconsistent.

Cranfield: QS Ranking 9th in UK, FT ranking 8th in UK
Bayes: QS Ranking 13th in UK, FT ranking 5th in UK
Queen: Both ranking authorities have it quite low or not at all.

(going to 2021 & 2020 year's rankings in FT Bayes stays consistent, Cranfield drops to a lower ranking in 2021and does not exist in 2020 rankings)

QS ranking site used:…

FT ranking:

My goal is to get a job and settle in the UK, I want a job in private equity/Investment banking/Financial consultancy like M&A services. So the university that has a better employer reputation and higher salary avg is preferred. I also prefer London because of networking opportunities and part-time work for a skilled worker like myself.

I am also an ACCA member to give some background info, and I have worked with EY for 2 years as an Auditor.

Thank you for reading my question, and for your advice.

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All of the are very lacklustre options, and would probably be a waste of money especially if you're an international (which it appears you are) as that'll make it already harder for you to get a role. FT/QS rankings don't mean much in reality.

You're better off lateraling within EY to move to their TAS/M&A team and doing a year there, which will give you some relevant work experience to boost your profile. Otherwise, you need to go to Oxford/Cambridge/LSE etc to have any real chance.

fmsgamer007, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thank you for your advice, but given my circumstances, I have to choose one, so basically if one would choose one of them what would be the best option? 

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