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I know some guy named TNA used to do profile evaluations, but don't think he is active anymore on this website. In any case, this is my background:

  • Finance undergrad (sub 3.0 GPA) from a non target
  • Worked operations at a top CB for 1 year
  • Currently, got an offer for a B4 Audit internship in my home country
  • Aiming to get a 310+ GRE

With that in mind, would it be realistic to get into Notre Dame, Duke MMS, Villanova, UT Austin (in the order of preference)? The goal is to get into anything to do with M&A. Would appreciate any insight.

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First, you mention home country. Are you international or do you have green card?

Second, that is a subpar GPA. If you look at the class profile, all have mid 3’s average.

Third, GRE aim for 310 is pretty low. You gotta show a higher GRE to compensate for that GPA.

I am generally a very uplifting “go for it, you don’t know until you try” person, but you are making it difficult here. 

For these schools, you will be a placement statistic. I am not familiar with Duke’s program, but others only have international students in the range of 0% to 6% of the total class size. This is because it is harder to place international students and it will reflect poorly on their program. Unless you show intention that you will not be looking for employment in the US, they can’t take a risk with you.

For reference, I (international student) had a STEM 3.98 cGPA from a UT system uni (multiple merit scholarships, prestigious award from the UT system, etc.), 325+ GRE, and very strong references but still did not get into UT Austin MSF.
However, I got offers from all higher ranked MSF/MFin programs that I applied to outside of the US.

So, your prospects are looking pretty slim here. You gotta make yourself stand out and if you don’t have a green card, I would recommend strengthening your profile and GRE score and trying a different country.


appreciate the comment. I don't have a green card. I agree tbh about ND and Duke are kind of a hail mary situations. But for UT, I connected with an ambassador and it seems like a cash machine program for the school with very low placements into high finance. People seem to really hype the McCombs name but I don't even think that it translates into real life placements.


Not much more to add to the above comment. The schools you mentioned are definitely stretches.


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