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Hello everyone! My name is Nahuel and I am from Argentina. I would love to apply to MBA M7 programs (As always HSW is desirable but I am realistic). Also I could apply to British programs (Oxbridge, LSE). Also I could evaluate some alternatives to the MBA such as the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution MS at Columbia, an Entrepreneurship and Innovation MS at Vienna (WU), or some Finance master in UK. 

So now, my background is:

  • 26 years
  • From Argentina
  • 3 small businesses ran for 7 years
  • 2 years of work experience at a multinational Oil&Gas company with great results at a global level through projects I led. 
  • BA Business & Economics, University of Bologna GPA: 3.6 so far (I have a year and a half left)
  • Extras: Founded the negotiation lab at the uni. I am currently teaching students how to negotiate through a well rounded program I have developed. We even use PON (Program On Negotiation) material for the classes! Not only I am teaching to students at Bologna also to Students at the University of Valencia (This online) and I am looking forward to expand my reach to different european universities. The students get to know insights into how they react to conflict and have 4 sessions focused in psychology, negotiation processes, communication, and plain practice to explore the subject and get to know themselves better.
  • After the MBA I hope to get into VC, consulting or found a social business. Just looking forward to meet the right people in there to develop something.
  • Right now I am entering a contest here at Bologna presenting 2 StartUp ideas. One as a non-profit for helping unaccompanied minors connect with already integrated refugees and migrants. The other for-profit to develop Italian communities in lost towns and attract tourism to them.
  • I had a very cool hard rock alternative band from my 16s to my 20s. But I don't think that would be something to say 

Now now, I know... I am old but let's say it is a good story.

I was working at a multinational Oil&Gas company as a supply chain analyst and sourcing assistant for the procurement sector. During these 2 years I developed great improvements into the P2P process for procurement and some savings for business units through all Argentina and Mexico while keeping in touch with higher management to adjust their procurement history and develop better plans toward savings. I was the #1 performer in my sector.

Not only I had my job back there but I also was running 3 small businesses (A paint factory, a car mechanics workshop, and a hardware store) to help my parents who are old to have a better lifestyle. 

So Argentina as most of you probably know has great political and economical problems (50% inflation in a year might ring a bell if you are not familiar with the country). Thus I decided to have a 180° change in my life. All that I had done so far was without having a degree... and I really love business! so I said to myself "I should move out to some other country and put myself on track again". I decided Italy because here I can get my citizenship (My grandfather was Italian and I can do the paperwork for being recognized as an italian myself). 

I sold two of the three small businesses (Left the hardware store for my parents) and with some other savings I decided to move to Italy with my wife (Who I met as I walked this long, long way), and pursue this degree in business and economics at Bologna. 

This is a great journey. Regaining my citizenship, getting to know my grandpa's home, learning the language as I am here... leaving everything behind and having a fresh start is great. A great story to tell.

However I am afraid that my background is not great since I did the opposite common sense dictates: I had a good job and some businesses running, and I decided to go and have a formal education now while I get to know more about my roots. I am trying to do so much more to compensate for that by doing the negotiation lab and the StartUp programs... However I don't see myself as a good fit.

What are your recommendations? 

Anyway... Thank you guys for reading! 

Have a great day!!

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Feb 10, 2022 - 5:37am
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