PSA to HS Guys Choosing Schools

Consider fit for school and not just prestige.

Your alumni network is the people you’ll be in bed with forever. Make sure you fit with your school’s culture. I had trouble in recruiting bc i’m a shitty fit for my school, couldn’t often connect with my alums, and only got along really well w guys from other schools (they pulled harder for me than most my schools alums).

Realize this is late but hopefully it helps for next cycle. Pls learn from my mistake not just bc you’ll be miserable for nearly half a decade but bc it also may get you a better offer if your alums actually fw you.

Disagree. Obviously go to a school that you see yourself enjoying, but don't forego a prestigious school because you think you aren't a "culture fit". We're talking about institutions with thousands of students and tens of thousands of alumni... there is no one homogenous culture that would prevent a socially competent person from making good connections. Some alum you will get along with, and some you won't.

Obvious exceptions for highly-religious schools and the like.

This is cope given this is filled with people who went to unknown state schools. Everyone always hates on target undergrads, calling them rich and spoon fed to deflect from their shortcomings in HS.

Take the prestige option. If you hate IB, you can still do whatever you want while learning whatever you want (even English)

i got a BB offer it’s not cope lmfao. And my point isn’t to take bama over harvard. My point is to maybe take Ross or UVA over like Brown if you just hate Brown when u visit.

If you are going to a target school, you are armed with the education and pedigree to land an IB role. Sure, alumni can help you but it's an extra bonus and not a necessity. Your degree and the oncampus recruitment are already such a huge advantage that how well you connect with alumni should be pretty far down on your list of reasons to go to one school over another. 

i’m at a top target and i think OCR is wayyyy overblown, maybe it was huge pre covid, but unless you’re diverse you’ll definitely have to network. At my school at least, OCR handshake and the career office are pretty fucking useless. I’m sure at places like Penn it’s better tho tbf.

Well compare that to being at a non-target where no one comes to your campus and when you apply online, your college isn't even on in the dropbox option list......

And sure network. Alumni isn't the only way to do it. Ask the non-targets about that.

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I agree with this, to an extent. 

When deciding between schools on the same prestige tier, then yes choose fit. Way too many people on here ask questions like "Georgetown vs Cornell vs Notre Dame vs Duke" and honestly there's minimal difference in prestige between those. Go with the better fit school regardless of the marginally better/worse IB placement, because they're all solid.

But if it's "Cornell vs Boston College" then the Cornell prestige is strong enough that you should just take Cornell. I'd have a hard time justifying a school like BC (Not trying to knock BC, it's a great school but just an example here) unless you're interested in a career where it won't matter (regardless of 'fit').

True. I go to bc and while we are good we are never going to be on par with the ivies. Only thing going for us is if there’s an MD/partner at any firm you know you’ll be in good hands

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