Shall I do an MSc?

Okay, so I am in my third year at a target uni doing a quantitative degree. Over the past few years I have been very close getting into IB (3 ac's but rejection), and ig this happens to many pepole but yeah sad times. I have got a big 4 audit internship over the summer and I am thinking of applying to an msc course rn. I have my eyes on ucl / lse / imperial, and thinking of sending 2 applications to each uni. Will doing an msc course at these unis help me get into investment banking? Does it matter what course I do? (I am thinking of management / business analytics / finance, and will probs end up doing a mixture). Give me any insights you have please. Will acc doing a masters help me? Is it worth it?  Worst case, I will go to the big 4 audit role after the msc tbh but ofc ib is the goal. Also, let's say that I do end up doing an msc course, will I be eligible for grad schemes or summer internships? Sorry for so man questions but any replies will be really appreciated, (and additional information, I will probs get a low 2.1 if this matters). 


It's a mixed bag, anyone who did MSc Finance or whatever, will have had an equally bad time as last year because the market sucks.

It's never guaranteed you'll get the same or greater level of success like you did this cycle.


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