Should I write how much money/assets my family has in a top business school admission essay?

If you or your family has hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in cash/assets under personal management. Will writing (flexing) about that in your admission essay application increase your chance of acceptance to top Business schools like Columbia/Harvard?

What will top business schools think of people who has poor prior academic record/is a party animal but has a trust fund inheritance of 100M - $1B? And they say that the only reason they want a Columbia education is to learn how to manage their new inherited money?

Another question, do top business school admissions care if you made a lot of money in the stock market during 1 summer?(Like turning 50k into 1M+?; if everything else about you is bad?)


Start donating a whole bunch to them, they'll probably like that. Stock market performance probably doesn't matter too much, anybody can get lucky with some risky picks, one summer might not be long enough to indicate significant ability.


Should I donate to them BEFORE I submit my application? Or AFTER I get accepted? What happens if I donate like $5M BEFORE I submit my application and then they reject me? That's like giving away $5M for free with no purpose.


Good point, perhaps follow the advice of Dimonfan and make yourself an irresistible candidate.

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Sounds like a troll, I'll bite, 

You have got so much money which means you can hire the best B. School coaches (Personally I will hire 2 just because..) and then I will check for friends, family network, anyone else who would be an alum, and get them to guide you about the process. (Get introductions to other Alumni with similar backgrounds)

I dont think you can buy your way in, but network with Alums who could help you open doors like getting introductions to other alums, admissions staff etc. Doubt throwing money at this is going to solve this. Also pay top dollar for test prep, get a top score, with individual classes you will do well.

Good luck!  


Just do what Jared Kushner did when he applied to Harvard College.

His dad’s $1 million check was stapled to the application.

When Jared got into Harvard, another $1 million check made its way to Cambridge.

Textbook way to do it. But you got to move quickly.

Buying your way into top colleges is getting less and less acceptable. Although I think the practice will always be around. It’s just going to take more effort. Jared’s approach, perfect as it is, may no longer be possible.


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