The MBA is bullshit

The MBA is a way for people who have chips on their shoulder from undergrad applications to redeem themselves, a way for international students to get visas, and a BS degree that teaches things that are available on YouTube. A lot of your classmates will have gone to shitty state U and will pretend that they’re hot shit because they now go to Booth.

I graduated from HBS and deeply regret having attended. The reality is if you were in a decent business role (eg banking, consulting or tech), made more than 150k pre-mba, or went to a target undergrad, the MBA will probably be a waste of time… even at HSW.


Interested, could you elaborate more about your learning experience at HBS as it relates to the alteration of how you think and process ideas? Do you feel you've gained from the exposure to other minds within HBS and how they identify and solve problems? Thanks

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Speaking as a person who never went to business school:

- I think there is a group of students who would learn certain skills at an MBA course. I have met executives who couldn't read a balance sheet, put together a few business strategies or understand an earnings call. They don't have a background in banking or finance and simply work in industry roles as senior leaders. They would benefit from these courses.
- I had the chance to learn a lot through my various banking/IB jobs and also industry roles. My network and my research skills allow me to look for the right information sources and I know how to analyze them. But an MBA would still make me more eligible for some roles, it lends credibility when I put together a job application.
- Business schools also say it's about your peers and your network. Now, I don't know how serious this argument is, but you would meet interesting folks who go work in pretty high places. It's good to see those faces once a year at a retreat and exchange ideas?
- Working in VC, my MBA colleagues have a more useful network they can tap, some deals wouldn't have happened without them


Interesting, have a question if you don’t mind answering. How long would one have to stay in banking for UG degree to be deemed a “thing of the past” in the sense where it isn’t even factored into an interview process. Currently in what is viewed as a “top group” across the street, but I went to a big state school that is considered a non target.

I had some UMM PE outreach during the past week or so, but not a single MF while others in my group received multiple. Assuming this is based on school(?), at what point would top funds look past this to at least give me a shot at an interview?

Have considered UMM -> MBA route after banking, but would ideally like to avoid more school.


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