Toxic MBA program, should I drop??

Hi, I'm an international student currently registering with a west coast university MBA program. As recruitment in IB progress towards interviewing in these days, I just find out that the school is preventing it's student doing so-called "early interview" with banks that are not recruiting on their campus. Since the school is not a target school, most of the firms don't change interview timeline with the school's schedule. I was recently interviewing with a bank, on date that the school's career center is sited as earlier than the date they set. Because of this so-called violation, they are removing my access to all on campus recruiting resources (in ib, finance and all other industries). The guy who leads career center recruitment in ib is act crazily and using intimidating languages and tones all the time. This wierd and unfair treatment to its student makes me to reconsider if I should get my MBA from this school. It seems it is not a supporting campus but prioritize itself above its students. I'm posting for any advice on this issues, please comments or DM me! Desperate for advice 


They asked the bank who the bank is interviewing with in the school. Couple of prior class alumni told me similar experiences, and some of them are receiving threatens from the guy in the school career center running IB recruitment. I was suggested get help from media as well, as the school is pretty well known in LA


This happens every year at UCLA Anderson in an effort to protect relationships with bulges it places at every year (BofA and Citi). The school would rather limit students from interviewing early with better banks to protect their candidate pool. The guy who runs banking recruiting is unprofessional and vindictive, but ultimately can’t do much other than remove career service access and tell banks that you interviewed early. It’s not worth dropping, just focus on off-campus recruiting and banks the school isn’t as close with. Unfortunate to see this play out yet again, but hopefully the school will eventually change its approach and/or personnel. 


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