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I just received a very enticing offer from University of Miami. I can’t tell what the IB placement is from online research and I have very little time to decide. Does anyone know if any companies recruit on campus or if Miami has any decent IB placement or any kind of club for IB hopefuls? Any information is appreciated, thanks.

UF is definitely better for IB. Still tough, but you see a number of UF students break into Wells Fargo, RJ, Suntrust, etc. And if you're pretty smart and can break into their MSF program, IB is almost a guarantee. Although Miami is a big city, it is a shit city for finance.

Yeah, what the person above said. Miami is cool, but not much IB going on. Seems like they may be making a push to target students that are interested, though. Anecdotally, I've seen the institution mentioned a lot on here in the past year.

UF has a 4 year program where you come out with an MSF, but i'm not sure how competitive it is.

PM if you have any more questions on UM.

Currently go here; complete meme school for IB, however, our Bermont Carlin program is literally a free entry into Wall Street if you memorize the guides. Citi is obsessed with us but only for garbage ass roles. If you grind you can get a good gig, given how low the internal competition is and the amount of people on the street, you can get a spot if you grind. BAML started recruiting on campus this year and Lazard (sorta) came for asset management. I managed to break in and get a BB gig with little difficulty.

Undergrad here, was also between Miami vs. UF and I picked Miami. Post above me nailed it. The BB FO opportunity's 100% there if you want it, it's just that a lot of kids shy away and go the PWM/Sales route. I got an early BB offer (even before Target interviews started) by a VP S&T alum pushing my resume. 

Citi is def our top target, we usually send 15-20+ kids a year (SA & FT) between IB/CB, S&T, Treasury, and PWM. Our UG biz school is ~500 kids per grade, so not too bad. There's FO Analysts & Associates at almost all the BBs, throw in others like EVR/Lazard/RJ/Gugg/FTP in there too. We also send a good chunk of kids to UBS and Citi PWM their sophomore year, and then they're able to leverage that into an IBD SA offer. 

IMO it's a great setup since you've got pretty sweet grade inflation, a really fun Miami social/party scene (if you're into that), the Bermont-Carlin program which is almost a guaranteed placement in NYC (got me 4 superdays), and pretty low competition. 

Miami certainly doesn't seem like a bad option. However, I'm stuck between UNC and Miami (currently a senior). Price is relatively the same (I'm in state NC and got full tuition to Miami), so that isn't a deciding factor. Miami has been my dream school for a while but I am aware that UNC does place a lot more in IB and is a semi-target. Any opinions?

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Hey, congrats on the achievement. Both Miami and UNC are solid options. I'm also on a full-tuition ride at Miami which made it 10000x more worth it over any state schools like UF or FSU. If you want my bird's eye perspective- a lot of the kids who place in FO from Miami are smart and driven enough to have placed anyways, regardless of where they went. A lot of my friends at UM who are now in IB, S&T, PE, and HF, all got into their respective state flagships (Berkeley/Mich/UNC/UVA/etc.), but picked Miami over those schools because of scholarships. Although you could make the argument for UNC being a semi-target and being more prestigious, think about it this way: It's easier to be in the top 5% of your class at UM than it is to be in the top 25% at UNC, just because of how competitive it is and the grade [in/de]flation

The way my UM banking friends describe it: "For 4 years we had double the fun, did half the work, partied with models, got a nice tan, and ended up in the same place [as everyone else]."

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