UMiami B-School reputation

Hey everyone,

I currently attend the University of Miami b-school for finance. I am a freshman and am wondering what the reputation at University of Miami in Florida is. Also, if anyone could rank the b-schools from worst to best for IB that would be great.

  1. University of Miami

  2. Colgate University

  3. Bucknell University

  4. Lehigh University

  5. Boston College

Most Helpful

UMiami graduate here. In terms of recruiting, you'll definitely be fine as long as long as you do well, get relevant internship experience, and network hard. Every friend I had at UM who did the accounting program works at one of the Big 4 now. Citi also does a ton of recruiting at UM since Bill Fiske (a UM grad and Citi HR Managing Director) is still well connected to the school. I had a friend get a job at Lazard, lots of people end up of Bank of America. Lots of people end up going into private wealth management and commercial real estate too. Boyne Capital is also in Coconut Grove and offer internships for UM kids.

The best part about UMiami is that a ton of rich girls from Connecticut or New Jersey or the Hamptons go to UM so if you can make friends with them and then network with their dads, its a great way to get a job.

I don't know much about the other schools but obviously they're all great. I always see Lehigh students placing well. 

Feel free to private message me.


Wow, sounds like a wet dream school. Hook up with rich girls and have their dads help the guy fucking their daughter get a well paying internship/job. Win win win.


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