UPenn Math Masters?

I got into UPenn's Masters in Mathematics, competing offers I have are a T20 law school at 40k/year, a fully funded + stipend math PhD at a major public university, and Oxford's BPhil in philosophy program. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do. I go to a severe non-target for my undergrad (BS in math/phil) but have work experience in structured finance. Financially/instrumentally I'm inclined to think the AM in math at Penn would make the most sense. In terms of intrinsic value and personal fulfillment... probably Oxford.

  1. I love the campus

  2. I'm much more passionate about philosophy than I am mathematics

  3. I think that I'd like to go into corporate law and the Oxford BPhil is a great launchpad into a T6 law program

Penn on the other hand does have a great selection of applied courses, eg:

Advanced Applied Probability

Mathematics of Finance

& Numerical and Applied Analysis

What would I be able to do with a masters in math from penn/how hard would it be to get a job on wall st in, eg, structuring CLOs or ABS? I'm still leaning towards Oxford because:

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  • Analyst 1 in PE - LBOs

If you are planning on going to a T6 law program anyway, I would definitely go to Oxford since you'll be doing the law program in the US either way I assume (meaning you won't struggle with landing a job in the US if that is where you want to end up)

If you want to work immediately upon graduation, in the US, go to Penn. If you would like to work anywhere else in the world, go to Oxford

  • Intern in Research - FI

How hard would finding a job on Wall Street be after finishing at Penn? Do grad students at the liberal arts college have access to similar resources as Wharton students?

  • Prospect in IB - Gen

Penn grad here. Math department is notoriously bad; not very well-respected except for maybe 1-2 profs that stand out. Not sure what your goal is considering you're also contemplating law school?! (huge congrats btw), but just another thing to consider when you're making the decision. Best of luck!

  • Intern in Research - FI

Originally my plan was to move over to a structuring role for ABS at an IB or asset manager but that didn't end up panning out... I don't really know where my interests lie, I enjoyed my time working on ABS at a ratings firm, at the same time I think I would do very well as a lawyer and am very attracted to the philosophical side to law. Of course, the Cravath pay scale is very attractive as well:


I'd likely want to work on M&A were I to go the legal route or stay in structured finance otherwise.

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