UT McCombs Vs UH Bauer

Hello everyone I recently got accepted into both UT McCombs and UH Bauer colleges of business. I know everyone will say McCombs but I have a very specific situation. My stepfather is 100% P&T (permanently totally disabled) as rated by the VA. This means that I have a hazel wood bill which covers 150 credit hours of my tuition. So both schools are paid for. However, I also have another benefit called Chapter 35, which I also qualify for since my stepfather is 100% P&T. This benefit deposits 1400 a month for 36 months directly into my bank account, totaling 50400. At UH, I could commute everyday to school, and pocket all the money to invest and other things. While at UT, I’ll most likely have to use all of it on living. At UH I also got a scholarship for 16000 over the four years, totaling 66400 earned over the four years. Would it be worth it to go to UH just because the extra money pocketed? I also most likely would be able to peruse a MBA for free at UH since I already have 40 college credit hours from AP courses. However, at UT I would have to spend an extra two years paying for housing. Which one would be most beneficial? Thanks!

If you want IBD, UT is a much better school and you're getting a fantastic deal to begin with - I wouldn't worry too much about pocketing extra money (which I know may sound sick at this age) but in the grand scheme of things you should probably thing long term. 

Congrats on both. If you’re getting you’re tuition covered either way, then absolutely UT…the extra money is great and depends on what your current financial situation is but UT should open up more opportunities long term. If you need to be closer to your pops to help out etc., then UH (or Rice) is your best option in that regard.

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I totally understand your thought process when comparing the two schools with the extra money you have, but you should pick UT and never look back. McCombs is a great school. I'm biased because I go there, but I transferred there from a non target, and the differences in recruiting are night and day. The student orgs at UT are also fantastic and do a great job in prepping you for a good career. 

I know MIS majors here that have lots of opportunities lined up, and there's also an Elements of Computing Certificate which is very popular and gives you a more robust coding background, although the coding for the MIS major is good too. The brand name helps a lot. 

I don't know how expensive living in Houston is, but Austin is pretty expensive. I'm paying about $1300 all in for my housing expenses (including bills) and I drop about $100 on groceries every week. It's a great city and I'm incredibly glad I transferred.

If you're not 100% sure about which to go to, I'd really recommend UT and if you don't like it, you could then transfer to UH. It's much easier to transfer to UH than it is to McCombs. It might help to go on LinkedIn Xray to research how MIS grads from UT are doing and how MIS grads from UH are doing. The money you save in the short term by going to UH is awesome, but the career opportunities you concede by going to UH outweigh those savings IMO.

I just looked up salary statistics for both schools, and UT MIS graduates have an average of $84,554 with a standard deviation of nearly $18k. UH MIS graduates have an average of $64,863 with a standard deviation of about $11k. That's not a negligible difference. 

Spend some time really looking at both options, but I think you would be better off at UT. Hope this helps

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