Which masters do I take?

Hey everyone,

Just at a crossroads right now. I have offers for MPhil in Management at Cambridge and MSc A&F and Imperial/ LSE. Which offer should I take for a career in investment banking in London? 

Just for context, my stats are 

SA Corporate Banking at a BB
SA Investment Banking at a Boutique 

SA at Big4 for Deals Advisory 

1st Class Honours from Top Target Undergrad.

Any input would be extremely valuable. 



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rumanddone, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Cambridge for the prestige and network but management is a worthless major. LSE finance department is super strong and only slightly less prestigious than Cambridge but at least you'll learn relevant skills. U.K. recruiting is weird af and school seems to matter less than the US. If you want to work outside the U.K. at some point in your career Cambridge will have more weight abroad as it's on par with Harvard/Yale.

Mezz Monkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If you're coming from a "top target undergrad" you are already a "target student" by definition - the extent to which you need incremental "prestige" is debatable. You've also built up a CV with 3 summers so assuming you apply for SA/OC/FT your profile is already sound. Go with what you like. Then again I'm not a recruiter…not sure anyone on here is but if they are take their word not mine lol

luckyapple13, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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