Anyone else have the same experience on the trade desk?

So I got started 6 months ago on a bond desk that mostly trades corporates. When I started, I was completely fresh. I had about one year work experience and needed to get all my licenses. I took and passed the SIE, 7, and 63 within 90 and passed all on the first attempt (not bragging. Just giving context).
I've been sitting here now for months and feel like there's been a lot of stagnation.
It feels like I'm just being hung out a lot to dry and not feeling like I'm getting set up to make money on the desk.
I've been told that it's a marathon not a sprint and I truly believe that. But it feels like I've spun my wheels the last 3 months and I'm struggling to afford rent and food while the people next to me make my salary in less than a month.
Just trying to get some perspective.

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