Commodity Trading: How to get a job marketing softs/metals post-graduation?

I'm an Australian, good uni given the country (G08), good degree (combined law). I find commodities trading fascinating and want to pursue a career in it, particularly in softs or metals.

So to quote the insightful contagoman:

If above is not possible, get a job at a producer or consumer. If BHP and Anglo is tough, don't sweat it. There's thousand of mines, smelters and mills all over the world. Think of how human-capital-starved natural resource operations in 3rd world jurisdictions are (try finding a decent mkting mger in Papua New Guinea...). A non-target US degree is considered an HBS MBA in some of these places... If you are shooting for a trading house role, 3rd world experience is considered INVALUABLE. Who do you think Glencore would prefer; some guy who spent a couple years within a jr role at US Steel's procurement dpt in Pittsbrugh, or a kid who spent a year marketing the output of a tin mine in the DRC? I'd say the latter.Anyhow, working for a producer / consumer will help you understand the market, build a network, and understand the mentality of your future counterparts. Additionally, you will be negotataing directly w/ traders; what better way to show off your trading potential, right?

My question is: I'm completely willing to do the above if that's what it takes, but how do i market myself and how do i apply to those those sort of places? Is it a question of cold-emailing/cold-calling? Finding a recruiter? Networking and then getting referred by someone working there?

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Apr 27, 2016 - 9:19pm
UnfinishedSentenc, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You should target the grain industry in you live in Australia. About roughly 60% of grain is exported out of Australia into the international market - even ADM wanted a piece of the pie during the end of 2015. Secure a role in either logistics operations or trade execution in a trading house or grain major, and work your way up into a domestic trading role or export ops etc. Nobody will hire off the bat a recent grad into a marketing role unless they had prior proven commercial exp - or unless you are part of a graduate program. It is highly competitive in grain as majority of traders come from farming backgrounds and majority of supply chain/ops people are competing on the same boat. And the actual traders get real tired of hearing how everyone aspires to be in their shoes. Australia needs to re-evaluate their fixed costs to compete in the international market as they are getting undercut by countries within the black sea because of the low crude oil prices. It is tough but it is far better than metals at the moment because at least there is some sort of direction where the market is heading.

Dec 18, 2016 - 12:29am
Addax, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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