Hiring manager passes my CV to other desks

Hey guys!

I did an interview w/ a BB for a placement on their EQD Sales desk. I do not have any knowledge in eqd (either via uni/internships). I have had some exposure to FX and Credit before.

When they asked about what I knew about eqd I spoke about some vanilla products, black scholes and greeks. They asked further questions but I couldn't answer them. They mentioned that its fine as this is stuff you can learn on the desk. The rest of the interview went well as we spoke about general market color and o/ behavioral questions

I have a mutual contact w/ my interviewer and the mutual said that the interviewer thinks I am a top candidate but short in technicals. The mutual also told me that my interviewer passed my CV to other desks in case there are other opportunities.

Should I take this as a negative sign?


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rickle, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Sounds like they like you but maybe for another role. That's not bad. See what happens and be open to change unless you're dead set on that role within that firm. Family member had something similar happen to him a few yrs ago. Did a great job on the Super Day and was ultimately told, "We chose someone else for this role but we really like you and think you'd be great for X. If you want to interview for that we'll set it up." Got that offer and really likes the job.

mlm00, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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