IB exit into commodity trading?

Hi, guys
I've seen the job description for a Commercial Analyst Role at Vitol. The role says "enabling strong candidates to get immersed in a P&L driven environment", meaning that strong candidates can get a promotion to real trading. 
In their description, they also state "1-2 years in a commercial, analytical role in the energy major, investment bank or consulting firm ideally with a focus on energy sector" as a qualification. 
As I really want to work in commodity trading, however, am fully on track to land at M&A at a BB in London (note, not S&T!) and unsurprisingly didn't get into Glencores Graduate program I am wondering if this is a viable exit. I assume that for the Commercial Analyst role straight out of M&A you have to take a hard hit in compensation, and is it even a good option out of M&A or is it only relevant for S&T guys?
What are your guys takes on this as an exit opp?

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CommodKings, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Commodity trading is a good exit op. Make more than all my IB counterparts for 1/2 the hours

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germaneis, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hi thanks for your answer, assuming by ur name you're somewhat familiar with the industry I have some questions:

So would you recommend to leave M&A for a gamble on a seat for trading at Vitol with that concrete Commercial Analyst Role?

How heavy would be the hit in compensation going to Vitol after two M&A years?

How did you break into the industry, especially into trading? I just wonder how people do it as there is no clear path as it exists for banking. It just feels like a huge gamble.

Do you have any other ways in mind how one could exit M&A into commodity trading?

Thanks a lot!!

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I'd be careful with Vitol if you have a functioning moral compass. Google recent legal actions against them if you want more color. The kings of bribing foreign governments…

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' The role says "enabling strong candidates to get immersed in a P&L driven environment", meaning that strong candidates can get a promotion to real trading.' - This does not mean that…but either way it is true that SOME candidates do get a trading seat but this is after ~4-5 years. This would also likely be on top of the 2-3 years of prior physical experience gained at a major or other trade house. 

Also, note that you will be competing with these guys who have real physical experience for these CA roles so how will you swing M&A as an advantage?

germaneis, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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