I’ve always wanted to be a trader

As the title reads, I’ve always wanted to be a trader. My resume is highly geared towards it with prop trading experience, managing my own book, a vol trading algorithm I built, and a trading blog I keep.

After a summer internship in S&T, I’ve gotten far in the pipeline into a commods SALES seat at a top bank (GS/MS/JPM).

I also have the opportunity to rotate through a grad program for another bank through fixed income (UBS/DB/C). I think I may have the opportunity to get a trading seat in credit.

At both banks, I have made it abundantly clear that my career goal is to end up a trader. However, I worry that if I get into sales I’ll rabbit hole myself and never be able to make the jump. At the same time, if I go for the rotational, there is a possibility I don’t get a trading seat, and also don’t know how difficult it will be to get to a trading seat at a stronger bank.

Any advice appreciated 🙏🏽


Possible to switch into trading from sales after 2-4 years. Also possible to move to a buyside trading role from sales after 4-6 years if you know what you're doing. Would suggest starting in a product that you find the most interesting (credit, rates, commods, etc.) rather than focusing on sales vs trading distinction.


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