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I work at a Tier 1 bank, started off in a back office IT role and after multiple years of solid networking, I finally landed my current role on an execution desk.I was super pumped about finally moving to a front office role but after a few months, I realized this isn't what I was expecting it to be. Even though we're client facing, pretty technical and quant-y, we're not the ones who bring the business or do any modeling or maintain a P/L. So that has kinda led to me losing interest in my day-to-day job. To make things worse, even my comp wouldn't be near to what I was expecting it to be.Less than a year in the role, I'm already thinking of switching again, internally. Which desks could I possibly aim for? And any suggestions on how to reach out, whom to reach out?I'm a good coder, can do math (regression etc, but not the PhD level things), and I'd like to think I have an amicable personality.I'm looking for roles, where I'd have some room to grow, some room to learn, maybe get to maintain a book of my own soon, and hopefully something that helps me transition to the buy side.Advice?

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Sep 25, 2022 - 11:51pm
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