Lateraling into S&T: is this even possible?

Hello all,

Currently in coverage at a non-BB global megabank. I’m not an IB or bust person, with 0 interest in PE, and just trying to explore all the paths available to me in finance. I’m networking with product partners across my firm with the rates desk a particular interest of mine. Im drawn by the esoteric nature of the products that desk handles alongside the macro-focused nature of the job. Additionally, I believe that environment is more for me than the more “corporate” vibe of the private side.

My question is: is a lateraling purely through networking possible into S&T? I’m a non-target finance major and not interested in any more schooling. If this makes lateraling into rates or S&T impossible, I understand, but just trying to calibrate my expectations before networking. Thanks much



to give you a short answer: yes if you know the people on the trading floor and they / you are able to make yourself known to HR. 

If you're trying to lateral into another bank, this is difficult. 

Source: Friend started in risk management and through HR, networked into rates desk along with his friend from IB Coverage at a non-BB. 

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