Louis Dreyfus Commodities Memphis - Lateral?

I am currently recruiting for summer 23 internships and was wondering what Louis Dreyfus' reputation is like in the commodities space as far as lateral hiring. I go to a large public school in the south and have family ties to Memphis and genuinely do enjoy the city. However, my ultimate goal would be to sit at a commodities desk at a BB in NYC

So my question really is what is LDC's reputation as far as lateraling to a BB and how possible would this be? 

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This is a good example of bad advice on this forum, even though it’s well intentioned

yes ldc has largest market share in cotton and the desk has had a few great years in the past, but this doesn’t make it a good place to be. The guy running the desk has held the position for 30 years and he won’t be giving it up any time soon. Futures trading accounts for 50-75% of the total pnl, but the position is kept a secret and you’ll have no idea what’s going on. The overall physical position is also owned by the platform head + 1-2 other senior people whove been there for 10+ years, but still have decades left in their careers. You will be underpaid and you probably won’t make 200k until 7-8 years into your career if you’re lucky.

LDC used to send all their new hires through the Memphis office and almost all of them can’t wait to leave and move to other desks where they can actually have a little bit of responsibility and actually learn how to trade 


I get the frustration but that is not an uncommon setup at desks that dominate their industries. Very similar in metals. I would argue someone making less at a Glencore/Trafi/miner knows a lot more and has a higher ceiling than a trader currently making more at a smaller trader. Surely LDC cotton experience can translate at smaller shops? I get that it’s not the sexiest rotation if you’re on their grad program.


What's so "legendary" about LDC's cotton desk?  Can't seem to find any great info on LDC trading, can't even find anything on Neal Driscoll 


Will say this about LDC, it's one of the more "prestige-seeking" of the ABCDs, lots of T20 school grads (Dartmouth in particular) around their trading desks.  


somewhat but easily possible if ur not tho. i had an offer from the coffee trading program and i came from a non target. 


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