Mindset of AN1 - how different from Intern?

Recently joined the bank as a trading analyst, no rotation, just fixed to one desk. Didn't do an internship here so am still trying to get used to the team atmosphere.

But the thing that comes to mind is: how should I behave in terms of relationship?As an intern, even though you are designated to the team, you are still an outsider, and if you can't distinguish btw when to get involved or not, or when to break in to conversation, etc.(just the social skill) that's a minus, right? Trying not to ask stupid/easy questions quite obvious, of course.

However, how should AN1 behave in the team? I'm really confused. Until now all seems very nice, willing to help all sorts of things that I don't know about. Teams tend to chat with each other during trading hours, makes some jokes, etc. As a newcomer, should I try to maintain the similar attitude as an intern? or should be more natural and active, try to build closer relationships by engaging more in the conversation, of course not talking bs, etc? In terms of asking questions, should I still try to refine the quality of questions so that I could impress the team members, or ask much as possible, even though many of them  would sound very stupid, so that I can quickly get used to the tools that team use? I know that its obvious there is an optimal point btw these two options but just want to hear some broad direction, and how I could set my attitude to start as a Full Timer.

As an ASSO, VP in the desk I believe many of you would have encountered similar situation as AN1 in ur life...Would appreciate it if you could share what kind of attitude you would expect from AN1. 

Thanks in advance


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Mitchy, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Biggest advice, ask ALL the question (even the dumb one, but think by yourself a little bit before).

First month are here just for you to be trained and build a full overview of what they need you to do

JamesBank, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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