Moving from scheduling to commercial role - advice on how to hit the ground running?

I have a little over 5 years experience. Work for a desk of a fairly small trade shop.

As of right now, I'm a senior logistics and risk person. It's actually a bit above being a day-to-day scheduler, but I have a higher level role around logistics optimization, risk, originating some small things, etc. It's a fairly good role. Let's say base salary is right around 100K, and bonus should be 30 - 50K. Not in Houston. 

My place is offering me a junior trading role. In actuality, what this means is that I get all the odds and ends. So I'll be trying to originate small opportunities in weird regional markets. Going on the road, and talking to small farmers co-operatives. It is NOT managing a large trading position in the most active markets, with the major counterparts - it's the people with 10+ years trading experience doing those. 

I am going to take this job. I think it's a no-brainer. I'll learn new skills, and make more connections. And if I don't take it, I could basically be stuck in scheduling forever. 

My questions are: 

  • Should I ask for more base salary doing this? I don't want to undersell myself, and this job will be way harder. But I think my salary is already semi decent - base salary isn't really the hill to die on anyways. 
  • The way it's been discussed, PNL payout will be discretionary. I don't think I have leverage here. Should I just really focus on actually generating PNL first, and then worrying about getting paid? I haven't been screwed for money yet in my career, so I don't want to be too paranoid.
  • How do I succeed in this role, and also, manage the internal politics? I think succeeding mainly comes down to having an insane drive to make money every day, and being more confident. But I truly think the internal politics matter a lot too. Making sure you get the internal support you need, and not getting stuck in the worst region or desk eventually. 

Does anyone have any advice to share? I really don't want to flop at this thing. 

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