Stay and move internally or leave for another

Hi, I joined a leading US bank in London in Jan. In hindsight, the job was massively oversold and I can't wait to get out of it. I can see two ways going forward. Plan A is to stay until lockup and look for jobs internally. Plan B is to send CV out and jump ship asap. 

Plan A is based on the assumption that there is benefit in moving internally. Is this true? When a team advertises a role, they look for the most appropriate person and don't really care if it's internal or external hire. What is the benefit of staying in the bank and applying for that appropriate role in 12-18 months internally vs externally?

Plan B - do I put my current job on my CV? It could be a red flag to employer who thinks I got fired or that I'll jump ship when they hire me. I've never done this before but I've also never been tricked into a job that is nothing like the spec.


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