Trafigura Commodity Graduate Process

So I went through the Commodity Graduate Interview process and here is my experience 

1) You apply online along with your CV, basic info and you also have to answer a general question regarding what investments shall Trafi do to minimise risks.

2) Phone screening with an HR employee who basically asked me a bit about myself my job and what do I know about Trafi. I found out I passed on the next round at the same time 

3) Online Interview with 2 people from the Geneva office and another 2 people from the local office which I applied. This interview took place online via webex, exactly 1 week after the initial phone interview. The first 2 of them from the Geneva office wanted to learn more about me as a person and about my job (what do I do, my responsibilities etc). I am a trader already in specific type of oil derivative and thus we could get along really well with some questions about some difficult times I encountered at my job and other stuff and how I would handle those situations. The second interview with the local office was pretty much the same, with the interviewers asking general personality questions and what do I know about Trafigura (more specific than the first call). They did also ask about my future goals and stuff and how can Trafigura get in line with my goals. Both interviews have been held by mid level managers. The next day I got a phone call and was informed that I've been to the final round.

4) The next day after the second round I got a phone call that I have made it to the final round. A few hours later, they sent to everyone an email with a particular subject about a commodity which we had to present in 2 45 minute interviews with senior level managers in Geneva. The final round took place exactly a week later via webex. After the short presentation, the interviewers started to ask some technical questions regarding hedging and trade finance (not something difficult). Later on, they asked questions about yourself, pretty much the same as the second interviews.

Two weeks later I got a call from the HR saying that unfortunately they decided to proceed with another person and gave a quick feedback regarding my performance.

I do have mixed feelings about this, I felt a bit dissapointed because I focused on the whole procedure for about a month just to find out I have been rejected and actually I was on the top 5 selection among the candidates.

On the other side, I felt a satisfaction that I have made it to the last round and had a chance to meet a bunch of interesting people from Trafi and ask them about the daily life.

I already have a commercial role which I wouldn't consider changing but I found the Trafi graduate program every challenging and I would definately give it a shot if I was picked, even if knowing that it doesn't guarantee that you will become a trader.

My preparation for the whole procedure was mainly take a deep dive to every Operation of Trafigura (trades, offices, strong points, success stories, fails etc)

Besides that, I have read many stuff from their website about trade finance techniques and hedging.

Didn't really read any technical book because I already have some good knowledge on commodity trading and shipping in general throughout my studies and my short career but I would suggest to anyone interested to read some basic boobs like Oil 101 which might give a small taste of the Oil and Derivatives

Every person who interviewed me was great and made me feel very comfortable.

Hope I helped

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Nov 30, 2021 - 9:54pm
UnfinishedSentenc, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Great to get your feedback on this. Don't be too disheartened on the rejection and hope the process develops you for greater things to come.

There are always other opportunities to break into a trading role at a large shop. Getting into a development program isn't the be all end all - commodity trading has always been an unstructured path.

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Dec 17, 2021 - 12:23pm
commodity_tr_wannabe, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Also a quick update guys and girls!

After the interview process I got a call from Trafi and they were interested to do another interview with me for a position in which I have experience because they said that I had the qualifications that they were looking for.

After this interview I got a job offer which I rejected for personal reasons because I prefer to have a more commercial role (as I do in my current company and I'm more than satisfied. The only reason I applied was to take my shot for the commodity graduate program).

I gotta say that Trafi is pretty fair with its candidates and always looking for top talent to hire. So my advice is to keep doing what you doing and sooner or later you will get rewarded.

My warmest wishes to everyone and stay strong and safe

Sep 16, 2022 - 3:55am
Matsby, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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